Lock 91 Experiences

  • Cocktail Master Class

    There is a bartender hidden in us all, you just need to have the opportunity to let them loose and by stepping behind the bar and into the mystical world of mixology you’ll find it has a lasting effect…. it’s usually called a hangover!

  • Corporate Beer Pong

    If you've never played Beer Pong before the game is quite simple, make your opponents drink their beer by throwing a ping pong ball into their red cups, see simple or is it?

  • Drinkology

    Have you ever wondered where alcohol comes from, what makes Rum different from Gin, Vodka from Tequila?

  • The Haunted Canal Experience

    On a hot summers night, or cold Winters eve join your ghost host Flecky Bennett for a stroll around Castlefield & along the canal,with is haunted past and present.
    You will listen to stories about the first cases of Cholera & ill fated launch of the ship "The Emma" and the shocking stories of its many victims. The ghost of the little girl who roams the canal.
    After this 70 minute walk, you will enter our humble but haunted cottage to purchase a drink and calm the nerves.